Electrical Services Perth

Power On are commercial electrical building maintenance contractors in Perth, Western Australia. The electrician services provided are guaranteed to be of the highest standards.

Power On Electrix's electrician services history spans a quarter of a century in Perth.  We consistently provide a comprehensive level of electrical management services to medium and large organisations that require specialist electrical maintenance contractors.

About Power On Electrix

Electrical Management Perth

Power On Electrix pride ourselves on being Perth's electrical services leaders by maintaining the highest of standards.  Our electrical maintenance facilites include:

  • A highly trained electrician services workforce
  • A fleet of fully equipped vehicles for rapid mobile electrician services
  • Procedure guides for electrical management
  • Electrical certificate assessment reports
  • Mobile access platforms (cherry pickers) for mobile electrician services
  • Operations, business & logistics electrical management
  • Electrician services staff training facilities
  • The latest electrical testing and tagging machines
  • RCD testing machines

Electrician Services Perth

Our comprehensive range of electrician services in Perth includes:

  • electrical equipment test facilities
  • electrical building maintenance contractors
  • electrical testing and tagging
  • electrician services
  • electrical certificate requirements
  • electrical test and tag
  • electrical maintenance contractors
  • electricity safety testing
  • electrical hazard safety
  • mobile electrician service
  • electrical contractors
  • electrical circuit breakers
  • electrical office safety
  • test electrical cables
  • electrical switchboard installation and repair
  • electrical fire maintenance
  • electrical management
  • electrical cable repair
  • test circuit breakers
  • electrical equipment testing
  • electrical cable replacement

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