Electrical Compliance Perth

Power On Electirx work strictly to Australian Standard and guidelines, guidelines required for the design, construction and verification of electrical installations and maintenance. The requirements are intended for the protection of persons from  electrical shocks, fire or physical hazards that may be caused by electrical installations.


Power On Electrix work to the following Electrical Guides and rulings:


Australian Standard AS 3000
Following the new electrical rulings released in 2008

Testing and Tagging Compliance
As per the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 : 2003

Download Power On testing and compliance sheet (.pdf)

Emergency Light Testing Compliance
As per Australian Standard AS 2293.2

Smoke Alarm Compliance
As per FESA rulings (Fire & Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia

Telecommunications Compliance
Cabler Registration Certificates in accordance with the Australian Communications Authority, ACA requirements

Construction Industry Compliance (The Blue Card)


As from January 2007 Construction Safety Awareness training laws are enforced and apply to:

Employers, main contractors or people having control of a workplace where employees or self-employed people are engaged in construction work.


Employees or self-employed people engaged in construction work at the workplace.

Power On Electrix are also members of:

The National Electrical and Communication Association (NECA)
The National Electrical and Communications Association is the national voice of the electro technology contracting industry.

Ecosmart Electricians Program
A  program developed and implemented by NECA and comprises of a national training and accreditation program for electricians in the rapidly growing market of energy efficiency.

The training course consists of four compulsory modules:

  • Energy management
  • Lighting
  • Pumps, fans and motors
  • Solar generation systems, Heating and Cooling

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